“I just want what is best for my sibling. And for me.”

People with disabilities are outliving their parents more than ever before. As a result, more siblings are transitioning into caregiving roles, which includes partial or even full responsibility for the long-term financial security of their siblings with disabilities. For many, stepping into a caring role—or even just anticipating this transition—can be overwhelming. Maybe you wish you knew more about how to prepare for your sibling’s financial future or perhaps you feel anxious about the long-term costs of caregiving. Given that Canadians with disabilities face significant barriers to financial security, these are understandable concerns.

There's good news:

You’re in the right place!

Savvy Siblings will help you play a more confident role in improving the financial security of your sibling with a disability by providing clarity around the various programs, benefits, and other resources available to people with disabilities. In the process, you’ll ease your own worries around finances and the future.

In addition to siblings, Savvy Siblings welcomes and supports siblings-in-law, cousins, and other second-generation caregivers.
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Savvy Siblings will walk you through the fundamentals of how to meaningfully contribute to your sibling’s financial security.

  • Discover why Canadians with disabilities are more likely to experience poverty throughout their lifetimes.

  • Gain clarity on disability benefits and programs in Canada and determine which ones your sibling is eligible for.

  • Find out how income support program restrictions affect your sibling’s financial security.

  • Learn strategies—both formal and informal—to support your sibling and family in building important relationships and networks.

  • Get tips on how to manage emotional and stressful conversations with your family about finances and the future.

  • Identify ways to keep your sibling safe from financial exploitation.

  • Develop a simple action plan for improving financial security for—and with—your sibling.

There are many ways you’ll benefit by enrolling:

  • Avoid last-minute decision making in the event of a sudden or unexpected transition to a caregiving role.

  • Calm your worries and anxieties about the future.

  • Build confidence in your ability to meaningfully contribute to your sibling’s financial security.

  • Prepare for family conversations about finances and the future.

  • Become part of a supportive community of adult siblings.

  • Take the course at your own pace and when it's convenient for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who should take this online course?

    This course is for adults who are looking to play a role in improving the financial security of their siblings with disabilities living in Canada—whether that’s now or in the future.

    While it primarily refers to Canadians with disabilities, much of the material also applies to permanent residents and refugees.

  • Will this course provide me with financial advice?

    No. Savvy Siblings does not provide any financial or legal advice. Instead it offers information, resources, and ideas on how you can successfully navigate the challenges and complexities of improving the financial security of people with disabilities.

  • How long does it take to complete?

    This self-paced course is made up of nine chapters that include videos, text, discussion boards, reflections, and other types of interactive learning. Once registered, the content will be available to you for at least one year. If you work through the course at a moderate pace and complete all of the exercises, you can anticipate it will take about 4-5 hours overall.

  • Do I have to know about financing and investing?

    No, Savvy Siblings if for any adult interested in contributing to the financial security of their sibling with a disability—regardless of your familiarity and knowledge of financial topics.

  • Does our family have to have a lot of money for me to get something out of this course?

    No, definitely not!

    No matter what your financial situation is, we believe you’ll find this course helpful.

  • When can I start this course?

    You can start this course at any time. It will be open for registration until June 30, 2023.

  • Can I take this course if I am a parent, person with a disability, service provider, or professional?

    Yes, you are welcome to take this course. While it was developed for siblings, you will likely still find content that is relevant.

  • How much does this course cost?

    It’s free! This course was made possible with funding from the Government of Canada.

  • Who made this course?

    This course was developed by Siblings Canada in partnership with PLAN. Siblings Canada is an initiative of the Canadian Centre for Caregiving Excellence (CCCE). Siblings Canada raises awareness of the critical role siblings play in creating robust and responsive systems of care for people with disabilities. It serves as a source of relevant knowledge, learning, and resources for sibling caregivers and the organizations supporting them.

Are you a parent, professional, or person with a disability?

You're welcome to take this course too! While the content is targeted to siblings, much of the content will be helpful to anyone who is connected to disability in Canada.